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Put the employee's social security number in spot A on the W-2 form. Place the business's EIN and address in spots B and C. Put the employee number of the worker if any, name and address is spots D, E and F.

Write the employee's total wages for the year in spot 1. The federal taxes that have been withheld goes in spot 2. Social security wages and withholdings go in spots 3 and 4. Medicare wages and tips and withholdings go in spots 5 and 6. Tips to be reported to Social Security Administration go in spot 7.

Place state tax information on the bottom line of the W-2. This includes the state abbreviation, the employer's state ID number and total state wages and taxes paid. Local wages, tips and withholdings belong at the end of the bottom line in their corresponding spots.

Print out the W-2 forms from the business tax software. Many software programs will actually compute the taxes and withholdings for each employee automatically. Then the accountant just needs then to check the forms for accuracy.

Complete the W-2 forms for all employees and deliver them by the end of January each year.
Completing IRS FORM W2:
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